Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Chameleon PBA Pattern

So, my PBA Experience league has started (yay!) and we've started out with the Chameleon pattern. During the Summer, I enjoyed this pattern but this time around I find I'm struggling.

It's a 39-foot pattern which is around what most "house" patterns are. The oil is much heavier out on the edges than house patterns though - there's where the challenge is because you can't play the edges as consistently as you might expect. I generally play a "down and in" game, so it's mostly the case of finding the right angle into the pocket, making adjustments as the oil shifts.

What I'm finding difficult is that if I try to "ride the cliff" of oil out around the 2nd arrow (board 10), the trajectory of the ball sends it Brooklyn (across the head pin). Moving towards the center doesn't help as much as I'd like since then the ball is traveling through thicker oil and skids further out (esp. as more carry down is laid out) and I can't establish a consistent angle into the pocket. That leaves an outside shot (as many as 10-12 boards out, moving my target 5-6 boards) and finding the sweet spot through experimentation (not a great strategy when you're 6 frames in on the second game and it's a close game!).

But that's the fun and challenge of sport bowling!

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