Monday, October 1, 2007

Something to Try if Your Shot is Veering Off...

I've been working on my release for months. I'm a slow learner. :-)

Anyway, one of the problems I encounter is that while I'm trying to get my thumb out of the ball in time and then get my fingers around the ball, I end up either dipping my ball-side shoulder which sends the ball out away from the pocket, or bringing my palm over the ball which sends it "Brooklyn".

Working with my coach yesterday, he suggested something that has worked fairly well.

When you get into your set up stance, relax your ball-side knee so that your body shifts placing your head over the same vertical line as the ball. This also has the effect of getting your hip out of the way which lets you actually keep the ball closer to your body AND stay in line with your target. You do have to be careful not to turn it into a lean as you approach the foul line.

(Diagram to come.)

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