Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something Cool!

I just bought a new ball yesterday (more about that once I've bonded with it), but a new feature that was available is a removable thumb plug.

It's a two-piece system with two cylinders: the outer one is glued into the ball in the same way that any other thumb plug is done. The inner cylinder holds the grip. You unlock it by twisting it 90 degrees, and put it back the same way.

Why is this cool?

Two reasons:

One, say you're working with a ball, and put in tape FINALLY getting the right feel. Then you end up in a situation where you have to change balls (e.g., for a edge-spare, etc.). Getting the other ball taped in exactly the same way is not quick or really feasible, but with this handy-dandy contraption, you'll have the same thumb fit
for both balls.

The other situation I thought of is if you absolutely need an adjustment in how the thumb is drilled for a change in release. You can use different plugs (slightly bigger or smaller, slight change in thumb pitch) for different circumstances. If you have three plugs and four balls, it's like having twelve balls in your arsenal at any given time!

Here's the manufacturer's page.

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